Copper-Tin Alloy (90% Copper, 10% Tin)


Natural Bronze

About Bronze

Bronze is a copper-tin alloy with a deep red color (similar to rose gold) commonly used in jewelry, accessories, and home decor . It exhibits a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own unique character adding a vintage look. Bronze is a copper-tin alloy (10% tin and 90% copper) and is capable of showcasing intricate details, offering a professional, finished look and feel. Bronze will tarnish over time, but can be polished back to achieve a like-new surface.

Handling and Care

Like all bronze, our Polished and Natural offerings will tarnish over time and may need to be polished or cleaned.

High Quality & Shiny Finishing

Capable of intricate details

Great value

Frequently Asked Questions

What finishes are available?

Natural: Light polishing to achieve a matte, somewhat rough surface 
Polished: Hand-polished to achieve a smooth, shiny surface 

Will this turn my skin green?

Bronze can react with your skin leaving a non-harmful greenish tinge with wear over time. To prevent this, you may consider coating the inner diameter of rings with clear nail polish.

How is this material made?

Bronze models are fabricated using lost wax casting. First, the model is printed in wax using a specialized high-resolution 3D Printer. It is then put in a container where liquid plaster is poured in around it. Once the plaster sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining plaster becomes the mold. 

Molten bronze is poured into this mold and set to harden. The plaster is broken away, revealing your new product. Natural Bronze is briefly tumbled. Polished Bronze is carefully cleaned and hand polished. Please be aware that polishing can wear down or fill in very fine details and edges.